2018 has come and gone… another year older and wiser (or at least we hope).

How did your year turn out?

Did you accomplish all your goals or reach any special milestones in your life?

Well, with the new year rapidly approaching, it only seemed appropriate to chat briefly about how anyone can strive to make 2019 their B.Y.E. (Best Year Ever)!

Before we get into some tips and tricks to help you with your goal setting, I wanted to provide you with some fun facts that are rather eye opening.

Did you know…

  • 83% of people don’t set goals.
  • 14% of people who set goals, keep them in their head.
  • Only 3% of people write down their goals.

What is even more interesting…

  • People with goals in their heads – they are 10 times more likely to accomplish their goals and be successful then someone who doesn’t set any goals.
  • People who write down their goals – they are 30 times more likely to achieve their goals, meet their highest potential, and be successful then someone with no goals at all.

The image below does a good job summarizing the info shared above:


The point I am trying to make… GOALS ARE IMPORTANT! And even more important…. WRITING THEM DOWN!

Goals give us purpose, structure, and motivation. They are the catalyst for the actions we take every day.

So let’s stop wasting time and make some goals…

Here are 6 tips that will help you write down (and achieve) your goals in 2019:

1. Write Down Your Goals


Duh… we just talked about this… Not to sound like a broken record here but… it is important to write down your goals.

2. Determine Your “Why”

Why Question

Your “why” is essentially your reason behind wanting to achieve this particular goal. For example, perhaps your goal in 2019 is to graduate college (great goal BTW). Ask yourself why you would want to do that? Well… maybe you want to get a new job in an industry that excites you, or maybe you want to set an example for your siblings, or maybe you want to make some more $$$… either way, understanding “why” you want to achieve this goal will help keep you on track and focused as you hit road blocks throughout the year.

3. Make A Commitment


Your vocabulary will help change your actions and your outcome. Instead of saying, “I want” to achieve my goal in 2019, try saying, “I am committed” to achieving my goal in 2019. The way you internalize this language will be much more powerful and have a greater impact on your mind. “I want” is no different from a wish. Its basically saying that it would be nice if I… (insert goal). Whereas, “I am committed” is a bold statement that shows you are going to dig in your heels and do what’s necessary to achieve success.

4. “Inch By Inch Is A Cinch, Yard By Yard is Hard”


I love this say saying… My buddy said this to me one day and I cannot stop repeating it. The basic premise is that you need to reverse engineer your goals into small, manageable, and achievable action items. Break goal the goal into little chunks and start taking out one item at a time.

5. Be Consistent – Set Reminders


Consistency is the key to success. It is so easy to get excited about something and pour your time, energy, and effort into a task and then a few weeks go by and you don’t see the results you want so the excitement fads and you give up. Don’t let that happen. Set daily, weekly, monthly reminds/alerts on your calendar and time block the action items needed to accomplish your goals. If you are stuck, take a break, but then get back to work. If you’re not seeing the results you want, revise your action items or ask someone who’s already been in your shoes how to get unstuck.

6. Find An Accountability Buddy (Or Group)


This happens to be one of my favorites for many reasons (mainly because it is so effective). For 2019, I would encourage you to find an accountability buddy (mine is my brother… and my wife), and set weekly or monthly meetings (either in person or over the phone). The purpose is to share your goals with each other, discuss the action items needed, talk about why you want to achieve these goals, and track progress. Make it fun… for example, I meet with my brother almost every week for coffee. We wake up early, get out of the house, share some goals and projects we have been working on, and then usually B.S. for a while. It’s a blast and I look forward to it every week. To top it off, I inevitably accomplish more of my goals because we follow up on our last weekly discussion.

Well there ya have it… 6 tips and tricks for setting powerful goals this year.

So in 2019 … forget the law of attraction (wanting and wishing)… instead, focus on the law of action (small, manageable, action items) and let’s make 2019 the BEST YEAR EVER!!

Wishing you success and nothing less!

All the best!

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