Are you looking to freshen up the appearance of your home?

Well, small cosmetic upgrades can go a long way if done properly and strategically.

Although there are several different types’ of cosmetic upgrades (believe me, the list goes on forever), baseboards happen to be one of my favorite because they can make your home look awesome and they are cost effective… Also, it is the topic for this post, so I suppose we can focus on it today 🙂

A little background…

Baseboard molding is a finishing trim that runs along the bottom of the wall, against the floor (see image below).

Baseboard Example - Colonial

They vary greatly in size and design, but the most commonly used baseboard moldings are a ½” thick and between 3 – 6” tall.

With that said, on to the fun stuff…

We recently took on a project in Elk Grove and did a bunch of cosmetic updating beyond the baseboards we are chatting about today.

With this particular property, we painted the interior (walls, trim, and doors), added new 6-panel doors (with new hardware), and new hard surface flooring throughout the entire home… more on these upgrades later.

Ready to take a look at some before and after pics?

Let’s do this!


Before - Baseboard

The original baseboard (only 1” BTW) installed in the late 80’s on this property was basically used to check a box and provide some type of finishing.

Did it serve its purpose?

Yes… but it didn’t have much flair and could hardly be considered an upgrade to the property. It looks more like your “base” baseboard.

Silly jokes aside, the baseboard in this home had seen better days so my clients decided it was time to go.

Out with the old, and in with the new

After - Baseboard

The finished product is a 5 ¼” baseboard that has a colonial style design. We painted it a nice vibrant white so that it would really contrast with the flooring.

Let’s look at a side-by-side of the before and after to really grasp the difference.

Before - Baseboard

After - Baseboard

Well, what do you think? … the larger base really makes the room pop right?

Yep, sure does… the new flooring and paint doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Baseboards are a cost effective value-add upgrade that can easily return 2-3 times the amount invested (if done properly) because they are so aesthetically pleasing.… and if your into DIY projects, you may be able to take this on yourself with some basic tools, YouTube videos, and a helping hand (but be careful, there are power tools involved).

Hope you enjoyed this home improvement tip, have a great week!

All the best!

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