We are constantly on the hunt for home improvements tips that DON’T just make sense… they make DOLLARS! – Pun intended… Get it? LOL

Today’s tip, is all about interior doors and hardware 🙂

This topic seems to come up quite a bit…


It’s one of those projects that is typically a “want” but not necessarily a “need,” and it often gets placed on the back-burner because the existing ones are perfectly functional and look “fine.”

You may have wanted to take on this project when you purchased the home, or perhaps you are renovating the home and figured it might be time for an upgrade.

Whatever the case… it may be worth revisiting the idea or considering the upgrade if you are looking to improve the value of your home or sell for top dollar.

Lets take a look at why…

Why interior doors and hardware?

1. Pleasing to the eye

2-6 panel doors offer a pleasing design and a clean look when they have a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, updated doorknobs and hinges can really make the doors stand out.

2. They are used frequently

There are usually 7-10 interior doors in a 3 bed /2 bath house (including closets). Most are getting used multiple times a day. Therefore, the human eye is always drawn to the doors / doorknobs as people walk through the home.

3. Affordable

Doors and hardware can be very cost effective. If you shop around at places like Home Depot, Lowes, or HD Supply, you should be able to track down a decent product at a reasonable price point. Like anything else, you can also buy very expensive materials. Make sure to keep an eye on the budget when you are shopping.

When does it make sense to replace the interior doors and hardware?

1. Already re-painting the interior

If you have plans to re-paint the interior walls already, then it may be a good time to consider a door upgrade. After all… Doors need to be painted as well.

2. Replacing baseboards or door trim

Do you have 1” Baseboards and plan to replace them with 5 ¼” + base? Or maybe your door trim has been hit by furniture so many times that it’s barely hanging on. If so, this is also an opportune time to upgrade the interior doors and hardware.

3. When the hinges / hardware is painted

Let’s face it… painted hinges are a little tacky. Often times, contractors or homeowners will paint over hardware to save time, money, and costs… Is it functional? Well…. yes, but it just doesn’t look that good. Might be time to have it done properly.

How much does it cost to replace interior doors and hardware?  

Lets assume you have 9 doors to replace (3 bed / 2 bath house – including closets)

  • Doors – $45 each x 9 doors = $405
  • Hardware / handles – $30 each x 9 doors = $270
  • Paint – maybe 2 gallons of paint – $ 70 ( this should cover 9-10 doors approx.)
  • Labor – $50 per door x 9 doors = $450

Total cost = $405 + $225 + $70 + $405 = $1,195

Well, there ya have it…. If you have 9 interior doors that you would like to have replaced, it should cost you somewhere around $1,200 to get it all done. Keep in mind, material and labor costs will vary. Select materials and contractors wisely.

Now, let’s look at some before and after pictures.


Before - Door

This is the “old school” slab style door with no decorative trim. Its functional, but not all that exciting. The door knob is round with a rub oil bronze finish.


After - Door 6 panel

Here is the new 6 panel door with a brushed nickel handle. Provides a totally different look right?

6 Panel Door

Here’s another picture of the finished product with much better lighting.

Side by Side

Before and after - Door

Here’s a side-by-side so that you can compare the difference. Well, what do you think?


This is your standard, brushed nickel, locking door handle. They offer a clean look and are reasonably priced.

Final thoughts

If you are interested in a upgrading the interior of your home, increasing the properties value, or preparing your home to sell for top dollar…. New interior doors should be on your radar.

All the best!

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