Is taking on a new project or trying to tackle a new task have you feeling overwhelmed?

So overwhelmed, that after you assess what needs to happen, you mental struggle to even start? – We’ve all been there! 

So, how do can we kick the ball further down the field and get closer to our goals? In short… We MUST take action!

But, sometimes this is easier said than done. So, lets look at a couple ways we can get past the “mental block” and take action today!

Don’t get caught in the nitty gritty

People often want everything to be setup perfectly before getting started. They think… “I need to do this, and this, and this, and oh yea… before I can start the this task, I need to finish this”….

The problem is, they are focused on the desired “end result,” rather than figuring out the next best step to take that will bring them closer to their goals.

So, what can we do to get past this hurdle?

Start small

Consider what you are trying to accomplish, and reverse engineer the desired result you are trying to achieve.

To do this…

  1. Grab a pen and paper
  2. Write your main goal at the top of the page
  3. Break down your goal into extremely small, actionable steps.

For instance, lets say you want to establish a routine where you run 3 miles, three times per week. If you have no prior running experience, or you would not consider yourself a “runner”, this may be very challenging.

So, in the interest of taking small steps, maybe you would start by walking 1 mile per week, or better yet, walk a half a mile, and then stop for the day. Each proceeding training day/week, you can gradually increase the distance and speed to align with your comfort level.

The point of starting small is to help build momentum while celebrating the small wins along the way. This helps build confidence and will increase the likelihood of reaching your primary goal.


Repetition or “practice” is how we learn. More importantly, its how we can become extremely efficient or competent in a particular area.

As you practice, your brain will work to spot inefficiencies in what you are doing. As you notice this, you can work to develop systems, find ways to simplify, eliminate, automate, or even delegate tasks to become more efficient.

In the case of the running routine we described above, your body will work hard to reduce body fat and improve your cardiovascular system  to help handle the extra workload.

Seek advice

If you are still stuck and unsure of the next steps required, seek advice from someone who has already accomplished what you trying to do.

Mentors can be extremely helpful because many of them have “walked in your shoes” and know what it takes to move the ball further down  the field.

Sometimes, a little guidance makes all the difference.

Final thoughts

Don’t over think what needs to get gone. Make a list, start with the smallest and most obtainable action you can take, practice until you feel confident, and seek advice when you hit road blocks.

Hope you find this information useful!

All the best!

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